When it comes to wine, history and territory blend into a single poetry that narrates tradition with every sip.

If there’s one thing that excites us, it’s getting to know the companies that have transformed the resources of a territory into a source of pride and family tradition to be exported worldwide!


Where Du Cropio Company Originates


Before discussing the company, it seems fitting to share some interesting facts about the geographical area where the famous Cirò wine is produced.

We were magically moved to discover that the territory of the Cirò DOC production area hosted, five centuries before Christ, the landings of Greek colonists.

Imagine that it was they who cultivated their Greek-origin vines, which today give life to this beloved wine.

Indeed, it is in Cirò that the ancient “palmenti” were found, typical stone tanks used for fermenting the must, and the “potori” vessels, found around the ruins of what we now know as Cirò Marina.

This history intrigued us, and we wanted to visit the Du Cropio winery to learn firsthand about the history and origins of their vineyards.


italian red wine cirò


Those of you familiar with the wines of this area will surely have tasted Gaglioppo, Greco bianco and nero, Colorino, Alicante, Magliocco, and many others.

Thanks to a deep understanding of the territory and careful adherence to procedures, Du Cropio produces wines grown in the vineyard with great respect for the raw material.

Merging tradition with technology is the essence of this family’s philosophy, which operates in the wine sector with a deep attachment to their land.


Du Cropio wines are now exported worldwide, maintaining their authentic essence and delighting the taste buds of wine enthusiasts.


Let’s learn a bit more about this grape…


Did you know that Gaglioppo helps prevent various diseases?


The grapevine, Gaglioppo


When nature cares for and nourishes with love!

The Cirò area is one of the Italian regions with the highest sun exposure throughout the year.

Thanks to the temperature range and the annual duration of sunlight enjoyed by the grapes, this wine offers a high content of resveratrol, a substance that naturally helps prevent many diseases related to the cardiovascular system, diabetes, cholesterol, and some forms of cancer.

The antioxidant and beneficial properties of resveratrol have been the subject of numerous scientific studies. Resveratrol, besides being associated with the prevention of some heart diseases, has confirmed its properties against aging.

It is a compound found mainly in the grape skins and in greater quantities in red wines compared to whites because the fermentation process of red grape skins allows for greater extraction of the compound into the wine.

Gaglioppo is a red grape variety mainly used to produce robust and full-bodied red wines, often characterized by notes of red fruit, spices, and earth. The most famous wine obtained from the Gaglioppo grape is Cirò, a robust, full-bodied DOC red wine rich in character.

With its intense ruby red color, Cirò offers complex aromas of ripe red fruit, spices, aromatic herbs, and earthy notes.

We enjoyed it with a selection of local cured meats and aged cheeses, and red meats.

So, in addition to the health benefits, this wine offers high quality, providing intense gustatory emotions.


Are you tempted to taste it?


We at Ciboland accompany you on this journey steeped in history, tradition, and the culinary richness of the Calabrian territory.

You will enjoy relaxing landscapes and flavors of yesteryear in an authentic framework of Italian culture, narrated through the typical products of the region.


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