What if there were now a bistrot bar in Malta where you could have breakfast, stop for brunch, have a good coffee, enjoy a gourmet sandwich, relax in front of a board of cold cuts and cheeses

…In short, we could go on forever, but the result remains the same: GUSTO ITALIANO is the new bistrot bar waiting for you at The Point shopping center in Tigné with a myriad of delicious and genuine proposals.




GUSTO ITALIANO is 100% Italian bistrot not only for its products, but for the classic Italian-style hospitality!

The staff is always cheerful and smiling and ready to welcome your every request.


gusto italiano malta


For breakfast, at Gusto Italiano in Malta you can find freshly baked croissants, artisan pastries prepared every day by the master pastry chef with high-quality ingredients, fresh citrus juices, smoothies, pizza, and much more.


The goodness of simple things


Home flavors are always the best!

The new bistrot bar at Tigné Point is a reference point for lovers of simple and genuine things who don’t want to miss any news in Malta!

Many of the products you can taste at Gusto Italiano are imported from Italy, specifically from Calabria.


gusto italiano malta


The charcuterie are Italian artisan products that cannot hide their quality even at the first taste.

One of the best things you can taste between one purchase and another at Tigné Point are the focaccias. Stuffed with genuine products such as Calabrese salami, the famous ‘nduja, aged cheeses, and much more.

If you’re in a hurry, even a simple coffee or cappuccino will delight your taste buds.

At Gusto Italiano, the difference is visible and palpable


The owner, Anita, is ready to let you taste the goodness of all the products available at Gusto Italiano.


italian pastry malta


Always smiling, Anita can’t hide her gratification when one of the customers tries her freshly baked doughnut, pasta, lasagna, crispy focaccia, cannoli, and many other Italian specialties in Malta.

For her, the real satisfaction is discovering that every time customers come to the counter to taste the day’s news and enjoy a bit of healthy relaxation at the shopping center.




Located on level -2, Gusto Italiano is already making a lot of noise.

A variety of savory and sweet choices suitable for any time of the day.

The freshness of the dishes can already be seen from the window, always rich in new flavors to try.


bistrot in malta


Even if you don’t have to shop, we recommend you stop at Gusto Italiano to experience firsthand what we’ve already seen at Ciboland.

Gusto Italiano is located on floor -2 right in front of the entrance to the Spar supermarket at Tigné Point.

Before finishing shopping, you can also take away a good plate of baked pasta to enjoy comfortably at your home.

If you have a dinner or lunch planned at home with friends, don’t hesitate to ask Anita for a good buffet ready to offer your guests. It will be a real success!

All you have to do is find half an hour to visit GUSTO ITALIANO at The Point Tigné!

Let us know if you liked it as much as we did!!!






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